Singing Lessons

Beginner – Advanced * Age 10 – Adult

I offer three singing paths for students wanting to learn a healthy way of vocal production, based on the Italian bel canto singing method, to expand their vocal range and repertoire (classical, Jazz, Pop etc) and to gain confidence for future performances and auditions.

Inspirational Path
Students wanting to take lessons on a regular basis to improve overall singing abilities and exploring different vocal repertoires.
Event Path
Students wanting short-term intensive training to improve singing for a specific event or reason.
Audition Path
Students wanting to prepare for auditions, local and international vocal competitions and with a strong sense of commitment.

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This is a special lesson individually designed for students who wishes to acquire basic piano skills for singing.

What people said…

I had no prior singing experience before working with Carrie, and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher and mentor. I was really nervous for my first lesson but she made me feel comfortable right away. Carrie is extremely knowledgeable and a very clear communicator. I really appreciate that she always pushes me to reach beyond what I think I am capable of! I am excited to see myself improving every week! ~Natalie W

While I have enjoyed singing, my minimal experience has left my confidence and technique lacking. But after beginning lessons with Carrie, I quickly began to acquire the skills and determination needed to make my passion a reality. I highly recommend Carrie Zhang to students of all ages and levels of experience. ~Kyle Hovatter