Piano Lessons

Beginner – Advanced * Age 4 – Adult

Recognizing each individual has different interests and needs, I offer three piano paths for students wanting to acquire a strong foundation, exploring piano repertoires and improve piano skills in the areas of ear training, rhythm, sight reading, theory and technique.

Inspirational Path
Students wanting to keep piano in their lives but can not commit to regular practice.
Recital Path
Students wanting steady progress with regular practice and opportunities to perform in recitals and events.
Achiever Path
Committed students wanting to participate in adjudicated music exams and festivals.

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This is a special lesson individually designed for students who already acquired basic piano skills, but also has a strong interest in singing and wish to improve both piano and singing abilities.

What people said…

Our music teacher Carrie Zhang has infused the interest of our children playing piano and singing! Ms. Zhang’s observation helps her develop the lessons for each student. She recognizes that each child is different in rhythm, focus and playing. Our twin son and daughter have benefited from her calm yet firm guidance. She has also helped us as parents to accept the differences in our twins. Ms. Zhang has always been available by email to ask questions and will take time to speak with you about your child’s progress! Her positive attitude is contagious! We are lucky to have her as our children’s piano teacher. ~Trina L